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Apple Trees "Indoor Play Area”

Our Indoor Play Area is considered an extension of our classroom. It provides the children with many opportunities to have fun and to have exciting learning experiences, while enhancing your child’s small and large gross motor skills and providing your child with the physical and mental development that every growing child needs in world today.

Our "State of the Art” indoor play area is a great additional space to our center and is used by the children on a daily basis. It is especially useful on inclement weather days such as; snow-rain-cold-hot…. no matter what the weather is like outside the children still have a place to go and release all their energy.

This room is big, bright and airy and has a great dinosaur friendly theme, with a lot of fun equipment for the children to be active on. The floors are covered with rubber matting to protect the children while they climb, slide down slides, explore and sit on the dinosaur climbers, play with hula hoops, hop on balls, play with instruments and parachutes etc. This room is also used as an extra exercise room and music area for the children- the possibilities for this room are endless!

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