High Quality Early Learning & Child Care

Apple Tree’s Preschool Program

Caring for children ages 3-5 years old

Our Preschool Program encourages the children to develop a "Love for Learning” to learn through exploration, discovery and hands-on activities in a safe, loving, secure and stimulating environment.

Our program offers a well balanced and structured preschool curriculum which helps the children to work together with others in full group activities, which will help them to develop social skills such as listening, sharing, asking questions, following directions and cooperating with others.

Throughout this fun filled active day of scheduled events the preschool child will work on building their academic skills and have many opportunities to explore the learning centers within the preschool classroom- this type of play promotes independence, encourages decision making and increases self-confidence. Our program provides the preschool child with the guidance and tools that are needed to prepare them for kindergarten and in life experiences.

The Preschool Teachers work closely with the children to help them learn to recognize shapes, colors, motor skills and following directions, they continue to build on their language development through learning activities to introduce letters, words and sounds. Hands-on activities in math & science are also introduced by helping the children recognize numbers, counting and introducing basic addition and subtraction concepts.

Learning Centers within the Preschool Room

Arts & Crafts

Block Area

Nature Exploration

Music & Movement

Math & Science

Table Activities/Manipulatives

Dramatic Play

Library Area/Story Time

Our Preschool Classroom

Our beautiful and spacious preschool classroom provides the children with separate learning centers within the preschool room this allows the children to have plenty of opportunities for a fun learning experience.

Preschool Outdoor Area

Our Preschool children have the very own outdoor area and it is considered an extension of our classroom. It provides a great opportunity for exciting learning experiences. Each piece of equipment in the playground from the slides, climbing dragons, hippos and caterpillars, to the log cabin houses and picnic areas have all been specifically selected for the preschool children so they can experience a lot of different aspects physically and mentally. The children really enjoy this space!

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